"It's impossible to touch a body without touching the whole person"

Australian Bodyworkers

Sexual pleasure is a life affirming energy which can help sustain us through the high and lows of daily life, whether single or in relationship. 

Our experience of pleasure is influenced by our personal and cultural beliefs, our gender and our past experience. As we live and go through the unfolding of life, adulthood, intimate partnerships, marriage, middle age … our sensual and sexual life changes. 

Bodywork helps us get back in touch with ourselves and our sensual health.

Tantric Practitioners In Australia


Vanessa offers traditional tantric massage sessions in Melbourne for both women and men who are seeking a more authentic and liberated expression of themselves and their sexuality. This includes, but is not limited to, understanding themselves on a deeper level, enhancing their love life, and healing of past emotional baggage.


Rachel’s specialty is working with men who have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or performance anxiety. However Rachel has clients who will just come for the experiencing of a traditional tantric massage, even if they are already skilled in the art of Tantra themselves. Rachel also really enjoys teaching couples how to give a tantric massage.


"In my twenties I discovered what the practice of bodywork really is, and it became pivotal in my own journey of healing my physical health issues and my negative emotional patterns. Receiving professional bodywork and surrendering to the experience helped me to really feel like me – which is one of life’s greatest and most profound lessons" - Stefanie

Gold Coast

Helena is a Tantra practitioner, certified sex therapist and a sexological bodyworker.
"I am passionate about helping my clients overcome any sexual issues, become great lovers and create mind-blowing sex lives. I use my extensive experience to guide others with care, warmth and loving compassion".

Tantric Sessions

Tantric love will put new energy into your loving relationship.

Do you want to rediscover and re-meet each other?

Are you ready to discover the benefits of Tantra to unite body, heart and spirit with your partner?

Have you already experienced a tantric practice and what to learn more? 

Develop a tantra practice with your beloved to empower your relationship on every level: body, heart and soul.

You can learn the theory and practices of tantra, giving you the tools to connect the energy of sexual life energy. Our Australian bodyworker’s sessions are tailored for your individual circumstances to suit all level of Tantra.

Looking for practitioners

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USA Tantra practitioners

Our recommended practitioners outside of Australia are very few (those we have worked directly with):

Los Angeles – https://kikiconnects.com/

Miami – https://www.energyoflove-tantra.com/ 

Boston – https://tantraboston.com/