"It's impossible to touch a body without touching the whole person"

Australian Bodyworkers

Sexual pleasure is a life affirming energy which can help sustain us through the high and lows of daily life, whether single or in relationship. 

Our experience of pleasure is influenced by our personal and cultural beliefs, our gender and our past experience. As we live and go through the unfolding of life, adulthood, intimate partnerships, marriage, middle age … our sensual and sexual life changes. 

Bodywork helps us get back in touch with ourselves and our sensual health.

Bodyworkers in Australia & NZ


Discover the art of authentic bodywork with Awyn at Tantra Melbourne where traditional tantra intertwines with modern healing. Experience sensual sessions rich in depth and sensitivity, offering a profound journey into self-discovery, spiritual connection, and the intricate world of massage, catering for men, women, and couples.


Embark on a sensory journey with Mandy at Evoke Eros. Immerse yourself in a tantric massage experience that’s both healing and spiritually uplifting. Mandy’s unique approach integrates tantric principles, bringing balance and rejuvenation, perfect for anyone seeking a truly healing transformative bodywork session. For a more sensually enhancing experience, Mandy’s Sensual Massage Auckland provides an encounter that combines expert sensual touch with meditative focus, and a calming peaceful atmosphere, to promote overall physical and emotional health and increased life-force energy.


Explore your sensual energies with Sylvia of Tantra Perth. Her expert tantra sessions dive deep into personal empowerment and deep healing. Sylvia’s approach to bodywork opens doors to emotional depth and understanding, inviting men, women, and couples to a world of consciousness exploration.


Sai at BDSM Melbourne offers an innovative fusion of BDSM and tantra. Dive into sessions that prioritise safety, connection, and take you on a journey of self-discovery. Their unique blend of BDSM invites individuals and couples to explore their boundaries within a consensual and enlightening environment.


Experience the fusion of BDSM and tantra with Sai at BDSM Sydney. Their sessions provide a respectful journey into your deepest and darkest desires, within boundaries. Their sessions are a medium for enlightenment and connection, catering to individuals and couples seeking a profound, yet safe experience.


Delve into the therapeutic world of prostate massage at Prostate Massage Perth. Discover a holistic approach to men’s physical and emotional well-being, providing a nurturing and unique experience for men of all ages and backgrounds.

Bodyworkers in USA


Join Simone at Tantra Boston for a transformative experience in tantra. Her sessions, known for warmth and depth, guide you through personal growth and spiritual awakening. Simone’s bodywork is a sanctuary for men, women, and couples seeking harmony, deep healing, consciousness expanding and connection.


Experience the harmonious reunion of body and spirit with Simone’s tantric massage sessions at Tantric Massage Boston. Her sessions combine ancient tantric wisdom with modern therapeutic touch, awakening your sensual energy and providing a rejuvenating escape into the world of relaxation. Available for individuals and couples.

New York City

Discover awakening in NYC with Sagarra at Tantric Massage New York. Her unique approach to massage blends relaxation with tantric rituals. Sagarra’s bodywork sessions are a truly enlightening journey, perfect for those in busy New York seeking a deeper connection to their true selves.

New York City

Embark on a more sensual tantric journey with Sagarra at Sensual Tantra NYC. These sessions aim to harmonize mind, body, and spirit, while utilising sensuality as a pathway to deeper self-awareness and emotional freedom. Sagarra’s sensual bodywork is an oasis for those seeking to connect and release the stress from every day life and worries.


Explore immersive tantra (massage and training) with Sagarra at Tantra DC. Her spiritual approach focuses on healing and life transformation. Sagarra’s massage and tantra sessions bring a profound understanding of tantric philosophy, inviting clients to a journey of personal and relationship growth.

Fort Lauderdale

Discover a uniquely holistic approach to tantra with Tantra Fort Lauderdale. Their sessions offer a safe space for exploring sensual and spiritual selves, providing a number of nurturing bodyworkers that caters to individuals and couples looking to grow and heal.


Experience the unique powers of lingam massage in vibrant Las Vegas with Tantra Vegas. Their transformative sessions combine ancient rituals with a modern approach to spiritual and sensual wellness, offering bodywork for with men that helps healing PE and ED.

Los Angeles

Join Aurelie at Tantric Massage Los Angeles for a deeply sensual tantric massage experience. Her technique is a fusion of tradition and contemporary practices, offering a pathway to relaxation and inner harmony. Her yoni and lingam massage sessions make her unique bodywork sessions a haven for healing and discovery.

Los Angeles

Navigate your journey of tantric exploration with Aurelie at Tantra Los Angeles. Her sessions are known for authenticity and depth, helping clients connect with their hidden spiritual and sensual selves. Her sessions offer a voyage into personal enlightenment and connection that’s hard to find in LA.

San Diego

Experience the intuitive and rejuvenating touch of Danielle at Sensual Massage San Diego. Her tantric massage blends sensual touch with spiritual practices, fostering healing and emotional release, making her sessions a transformative experience for men and women.


Amber at Tantric Hawaii uses the island’s natural beauty as the perfect background to focus on rejuvenation and spiritual connection for couples. Amber helps couples to find new balance and harmony through bodywork, as well as opening new doorways in their relationship.

San Francisco

Leela at Tantric Massage San Francisco offers transformative tantric experiences, blending her alternative spiritual wisdom with her intuitive touch. Her uniquely nurturing approach helps deep healing and self-discovery, providing a safe space for those new to bodywork to encourage profound personal growth and awakening.

Bodyworkers in Europe


Explore authentic tantra in Sweden with Lisa at Tantra Stockholm & UppsalaHer massage and training sessions offer a dive into self-awareness and sensual awakening, tailored for those seeking deeper holistic healing. Lisa’s training is perfect for those seeking a modern path to inner peace and discovery.


Discover true tantric massage with Lisa from Tantra Massage Stockholm. Her sessions help men and women to harmonise body and mind. She blends relaxation with spiritual practices, offering a unique pathway to inner peace, healing sexual performance issues, and self discovery through her expert bodywork.


Explore the depths of tantra at Tantra Berlin with practitioner K. Known for her profound understanding of tantric principles, K’s tantra and sex coaching sessions are a journey for people of all genders into self-discovery and sensual enlightenment. K offers a unique approach to tantra that caters to people of all backgrounds who are seeking higher self-esteem, and personal and powerful life-transformation.

Bodyworkers in The UK


In the heart of the city, Tantra London practitioner K offers a transformative tantra experience for all genders. K’s sessions are a blend of traditional tantra techniques and modern sex coaching practices. K provides a safe-space for individuals and couples to explore their sexuality, as well as expand their understanding of gender, intimacy and connection.

tantra london


Tamar Raphael is dedicated to exploring the transformative power of tantric practices, particularly emphasising women’s empowerment through sacred sexuality. As a mentor and practitioner, Tamar offers various holistic techniques such as yoni massage and breathwork aimed at rebirthing, primarily to foster spiritual and sexual wellbeing.

Bodyworkers in Asia

Thailand - Koh Phangan

Karen and Michal at Tantra Koh Phangan provide a serene backdrop for traditional tantra. Their sessions blend meditation and mindfulness, with tantric massage and training, creating a space for healing and intimate exploration in beautiful Thailand. With Karen working with men, and Michal working with women and couples, they offer a journey into the heart of tantra.


Experience the exotic depth of yoni massage with Svetlana at Tantric Massage Bali. Her sessions combine traditional Indian techniques with modern tantra, offering a transformative journey for women seeking a profoundly enlightening experience in yoni healing.

tantra chiang mai

Thailand - Chiang Mai

Step into a world of serene tranquility and spiritual rejuvenation with Julia at Tantra Chiang Mai. Her approach to tantra weaves together ancient rituals and contemporary healing techniques. Julia’s bodywork sessions are a haven for those wanting to deepen their understanding of authentic tantric massage. Her sessions are available to both individuals and couples, in the lush and peaceful surroundings of northern Thailand.

Bodyworkers in Central America

Costa Rica

Immerse yourself in the tantric world with Sagarra at Tantric Massage Costa Rica. Her sessions connect you with nature, and yourself, using massage as a tool for healing and consciousness growth. Sagarra’s sessions are an intimate exploration for those seeking a path to wellness, trauma healing and enlightenment.

Tantric Bodywork

Tantric love will put new energy into your loving relationship.

Do you want to rediscover and re-meet each other?

Are you ready to discover the benefits of Tantra to unite body, heart and spirit with your partner?

Have you already experienced a tantric practice and what to learn more? 

Develop a tantra practice with your beloved to empower your relationship on every level: body, heart and soul.

You can learn the theory and practices of tantra, giving you the tools to connect the energy of sexual life energy. Our Australian bodyworker’s sessions are tailored for your individual circumstances to suit all level of Tantra.

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