The Art of Tantric Sex

The Art of Tantric Sex

Learn the secrets of tantric sex from an authentic teacher. The secrets of Tantric Sex can improve your love and sex life. The book will teach you how to achieve a more satisfying and fulfilling sex experience for both you and your partner. You’ll also learn the secrets of G-spot, Harmony, and Authenticity. It’s a book that you’ll want to read.


Authenticity in Tantric Sex is an important element of the art of intercourse. Authenticity means to be yourself. While the limited self reacts according to our conditioning, our unconscious patterns, and our tendencies, the real self exists in a space of infinite awareness and freedom. By following the guidance of our true self, we transcend the impulses and patterns of our limited selves and live in a state of integrity and wholeness.

The first step in achieving authentic tantric sex is to create an atmosphere of intimacy. Start by gazing into each other’s eyes. This opens up our bodies and minds and allows us to become permeated by each other’s energy. This creates the right conditions for passion and virility to ignite. The man’s virility awakens when he embraces the softness of the woman before him.

Authenticity in Tantric Sex is not about using “manly” techniques. Tantrics teach that lovemaking is not about the object of love, but the object of it. Authentic Tantric initiators teach that lovemaking without true love creates serious psychic and mental blocks. The goal is to transform erotic energy into higher forms of energy. For this reason, Tantric sex is a conscious act.

As a practice of tantra, it is performed by advanced members of Vajrayana Buddhism. With over 10 million adherents, Tantric sex is a complex spiritual path. The ancient practice involves rigorous study, meditative practices, and many ritual elements. For beginners, working with sexual energy was a secondary aspect. Only advanced practitioners had the skills and knowledge to practice this sex.


The rhythmic aspect of tantric sex can alter the brain’s physiological state and create a powerful sense of connection. This phenomenon is called neural entrainment, and it happens when you have sustained rhythmic physical stimulation. The brain is able to mirror the physical rhythms of the other person and become more alert than if the pulses were random. It also helps you predict what the other person is thinking and feeling.

The beauty of tantric sex is that it is a love affair that never ends. You and your partner are the only ones who control the experience, and you are both in control. Tantric sex is a beautiful, blissful, and freeing experience that elicits unconditional love and a feeling of utter bliss. Because it’s a full experience, it can penetrate the world and the heart of the other person, resulting in an energy flow that’s unrestrained and boundless.

When it comes to tantra and lovemaking, playing with energy is a powerful technique. Using your breath and energy, you can move it up and down the body and bring it out to your partner. This helps you connect with your partner on a more intimate level and open to a deeper state of orgasmic ecstasy. Creating an inviting atmosphere in your bedroom can help you create a blissful environment for your sex.

If you want to experience tantric sex, you must first understand the concept of tarot. Tantra is an ancient science that uses sex as a form of meditation. It uses breath awareness to channel energy throughout the body and allows you to transcend ego, love, and lust. It aims to enhance the quality of your relationship and create a transcendent and beautiful experience. If you can bring these principles to your relationship, it’s likely that you’ll experience tantra.

Energy dynamics

The cry phenomenon during sex is explained by Energy dynamics in Tantric sex. Sex releases different emotions and sensations, many of which reach explosive levels. During the sexual response cycle, the entire body deals with the tension that builds for different orgasmic discharges. The purpose of tantric sex is to release sexual energy throughout the body and create an experience of mind-bending pleasure. In addition, tantric sex is a slower and more meditative form of sex.

Westerners tend to view sex as a physical experience, while Tantrics see it as a spiritual practice. Tantra means transformation of energy, and sexual union is elevated to a spiritual communion. The ancient Taoists placed an emphasis on Jing, or sexual energy, which is circulated through the heart. Tantric sex practices include both traditional and alternative ways of performing sexual intercourse, each enhancing the overall experience.

Western tantra is often confused by its many terminology and techniques. The western tantra world focuses on sexual exchanges and techniques, and this can make boundaries confusing for beginners. Tantric sex teaches the principles of energy dynamics and unites them into a harmonious and powerful union. With this in mind, it’s easy to understand why this is so appealing to so many people, and why tantric sex can help you achieve the ultimate sexual goal: to be happier, more confident, and more gratified.

A workshop on Gateway Orgasm will begin at 9:30am on Mon 8/26. This hands-on session includes a clitoris-stroking demonstration and a practice circle. All participants need a partner, hand towel, and lube. In addition to learning tantra techniques, it can improve a relationship and increase sexual satisfaction. It is especially beneficial for people with challenging sexual issues. The class will teach how to use these techniques to enhance the quality of sexual intercourse.


The G-spot is an important part of the erogenous zone, and awakening it can provide a woman with the clitoris-like experience. It is a point of energy located within or near the clitoris that can lead to waves of pleasure and emotion. During sexual intercourse, it is imperative to provide a safe and comfortable environment for the woman to explore the process. Some women may become tearful and highly emotional, and they may even need to pee. Other women may have more physical and emotional experiences that will open up new avenues for pleasure.

The G-spot is painless when awake, but it can be painful when aroused. Pain is simply a symptom of an old emotion that can be released through attention and love. Because the G-spot is part of the emotional body, emotions are intense and can feel painful until they are accepted. By breathing into the heart, you can bring love into the G-spot and open up to the sensations.

The G-spot is flat inside the vaginal wall and is often referred to as a ‘G’. The G-spot is most effective when a woman is aroused in the first stages of sexual intercourse. Once the clitoris has become aroused, the G-spot may be a good choice. If it’s not yet activated, the process may not be complete.

Once the cervix is triggered, the sensitive feeling will pass and be replaced by intense pleasure. The G-spot can be stimulated with a couple of different methods, depending on how the man wants to use it. Using his thumb and a finger to massage the vagina is an effective way to stimulate the G-spot, while placing a pinky or feather near the pubic bone will create a virtuous energetic circuit between the two.


Hymning in tantric sex involves using the mind to manipulate the physical body in order to reach a more intense level of pleasure. It focuses on the physical elements of touch, mutual eye gazes, and synchronized movement. This is meant to increase the sense of connection and bonding. Hypnosis is an excellent tool for this purpose. Hypnosis for tantric sex is an ancient art that can be performed by both partners.

The ultimate goal of tantric sex is to experience the buildup of energy. Intimacy is a key component of tantric sex. Intimacy is achieved by channeling sexual energy through breath awareness and meditation. The result is ultimate ecstasy and liberation. Hypnosis is also used to enhance the power of tantric sex. Hymning in tantric sex can make the experience more pleasurable for both partners.

The Hevajra Tantra, written in the late 800s, describes the benefits of sexual rites, such as internalisation of the deities. Its folio also states that while passion binds the world, it releases it. Hymning in tantric sex can also help celibate monks and nuns internalise the deities that rule their lives.